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Looking for property styling services on the Northern Beaches? At Amazema interiors we don’t just stage homes, we create beautiful space that embody the Northern Beaches lifestyle for our clients to attract buyers and allow them to fall in love with their property.


Our Point of Difference

Uniqueness and personalised selections are at the forefront of our process, we look at all the factors that influence your properties success and how to elevate them to maximise your sales outcome. From the honouring the style and period of the building, understanding the location & Street with our local knowledge, Insight into the demographic of potential buyers and as interior designers we know how to highlight the best features of your property and enhance less desirable ones!

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Look & Feel, Conscious & Subconscious Connection

We love making beautiful interiors but even more than this we love creating spaces that feel amazing when you walk into them! For us it is all about merging the Look & Feel, or you could say the Conscious & Subconscious of your property buyers minds.

We know we can consciously connect to aesthetically pleasing spaces but if it doesn’t feel good the connection is lost quickly and doesn’t linger in your mind. The feeling of a home is the most important thing to connect to buyers hearts and create that “falling in love” feeling that we want!

Ultimately the more people that fall in love with your property the more competition is created which ultimately brings you a greater outcome in the sale price of your property!

Aspirational & Inviting style

Our spaces are all about presenting an up-leveled lifestyle for buyers to aspire to live in day to day. A lifestyle with calming, joyous and loved spaces that will enhance every other aspect of their lives. Liveability is paramount, Interior space planning and layout are key factors along with an understanding of how the property is best set up to allow each space to sing whilst providing the best function too.

What We Offer

We have  a number of ways in which we can help you create spaces for your buyers to fall in love with!

Property Styling Consultation:

Need to get ready for market and just don’t know where to start? This one's for you, we help you work through a step by step guide room by room that is tailored to your needs and budget. We even throw in our top tips and tricks and helps with paint colours too!

Full Styling

this is for empty properties, we deck out the whole home with every detail to give it a lived in and loved feel.

Part Style

This is when you are still living in your home for the sales campaign, we bring in a layer of love to enhance and lift your existing items. We might even suggest replacing some furniture items that are the wrong scale for the space and bring in the perfect piece to make it feel great again.

Property Photoshoot Style

This is for tenanted properties that need a layer of sparkle for the photography. We come in and work our magic just before the shoot and pack up just after to give you great marketing imagery!

Styling for Keeps

This is our newest offer for those clients who want to invest in items to update their current home for the sale but then take these items with them. We can provide interactive shopping lists, shopping appointments in the local Northern Beaches area or even selections from our seasonal Amazema Edit that you can purchase directly from us!

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Return on Investment:

We truly believe that you need to invest in your investment to see your desired return. We have had this belief proven time and time again with our clients who invest with trust and allow us to maximise their chances of high returns. You can’t expect to see a return if you cut corners and styling is no longer a corner that can be cut in the changing Sydney Property market.

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Full Styling House:

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Part Styling House:

Part Styling Apartment:

Photoshoot styling:

What to Know Our Property Styling Secrets?

Have you ever wanted to know how we do what we do? Would you love to style your home for sale yourself? Do you want to know where you will get the best return on investment when making improvements to your property before Sale? We’ve created a workshop just for you! Held in our beautiful light filled design studio and warehouse on the Northern Beaches in Brookvale we give you an insight into our world for an afternoon of learning and fun!

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