Not sure if interior styling is for you?

Here are some A's to our most commonly asked Qs.

  • What is Real Estate Styling?

    Real Estate Styling is a styling service espcially designed for homes that are to be sold. We work with you and your agent to work out the best way to make your property look its best, and maximise its potential. Depending on what you and your property needs, we can do a Photoshoot style, Partial Style or Full style.

  • How much do your property styling packages cost?

    We offer styling packages ranging from $460 to $13,000 and upwards depending on the size and scope of the styling project. Our styling packages are designed to fit within your needs and budget.

  • How long is an average styling campaign?

    The average styling and Sales campain is 4 weeks in total. We do however offer longer or shorter hire periods if the need arises.

  • Why should I have my property styled?

    Homes that have been styled, consistently reach a higher sale price in the real estate market. By looking at your property with a 'buyers eye' we are able to create functional spaces that inspire potential buyers and maximise the potential of your home by adding the 'WOW' factor. We ensure each that each styling project we take on is tailored to the individual client and their home. We pride ourselves on and go out of our way to add an extra layer of love to each home we style.

  • How are you different from a furniture hire company?

    We are different to a furniture hire company as our range of stock of items have been selected and curated by our stylists specifically for real estate styling. Unlike furniture hire companies we do not offer furniture hire without our styling services and have a limited supply of each item. Our styling items are on-trend and bespoke to ensure each property we style is attractive to the demographic we are looking to target.

  • Can I use some of my exisiting furniture?

    Yes. We offer 'Partial Styling' packages which take advantage of items already in your property. At your styling appointment your stylist will walk through your property with you and identify what items can be utilised and will offer tips on how to prepare your property ready for styling.

  • How far ahead of time do I have to book styling services?

    We need at least two weeks notice prior to your property going on the market for our styling services.

  • Is property styling worth it?

    Yes. We have structured our styling packages so that we are able to offer you a premium styling service, without negating your return on investment. We consistently see higher than expected sale prices for homes we have styled.

  • Do I have to have my whole home styled?

    No, we offer various packages to suit your needs. With consultation with your sales agent we can modify the styling packages to suit your needs and property.

  • Can I choose a "look" for my home?

    As trained interior stylists we pride ourselves on creating a 'look' for properties that match the style of the home and also will attract interested buyers. Therefore, we do prefer to work autonomously to deliver the best result for you and your home.

  • Do I need to move out during the campaign?

    No, we are able to work around you and your family's needs.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We require up-front payment prior to installation of our styling.

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