Who is Amazema?

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No room for ordinary

When every client’s story is unique, there leaves no room for trends. And certainly no room for ordinary. 

At Amazema, we pride ourselves on our ability to step into the shoes of the potential buyer or discerning homebody to truly understand their desired lifestyle. In that way, we’re all about those little details. 

The way things flow, the positioning of each thoughtful furnishing, that perfect tile colour, and of course, that rush of easy familiarity that fills you up when you feel at home.

So, we believe that while our tools help us in our craft, it’s our humanity that sets us apart from the rest. That’s why when you first step into our Brookvale offices, you’ll be greeted warmly by one of our stylists. The very same stylist that’ll be the brains of your project from start to finish.

Helmed by award-winning Founder and Creative Director, Amy Stead, Amazema now boasts some of the most inspired interior design minds in the country. Her expert team have worked globally, bringing Amazema’s relaxed and functional aesthetic to sets, stages, magazines and homes across the world.


so, why are we called amazema?

You might be wondering where on earth did “AMAZEMA” come from?

It is a funny little personal story stemming from Amy’s Nickname as a child Amez, this flowed into the first incarnation of her Interior & Object Design studio at COFA with Amez backwards creating “Zema Designs” in 2004.

This then evolved to “Amaze by Amy” in 2010 with a re-brand and the introduction of textiles and pattern design to the studio after studying Textile design at the Danish Design School.

With the addition of staff in 2012 the final result in Business Name became a hybrid of the two previous names, mixing Amaze + Zema = Amazema

So there you have it! The evolution of a name and a business in a nut shell.

We Hope you have an Amazema Day! xx